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Sodbury Chamber of Commerce

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Next event

Saturday 27th September 2014

10.30am: Chipping Sodbury Annual Food Festival 2014
Broad Street, Chipping Sodbury

Come along to the Chipping Sodbury 5th Annual Food Festival and experience a great FREE family day out with lots to make, see and do! You will see lots of local shops supporting the festival from wine tasting to hog roasting and much more. It's a day for everyone!

ICE & EASY– Sugar craft demo & try 10.30am
COTSWOLD VINTNERS - Wine Tasting 10.30-12.30pm

COFFEE BEAN – Gluten free tasting
PORTCULLIS – brand new pizza menu tasting
BEAUFORT HUNT PUB - Hog Roast 1.30pm
HAMPTONS - Olive & Deli tasting
THE GEORGE HOTEL – Henry’s Oriental 12 – 1pm Local real ale tasting and homemade dessert sampling 12-2:30pm
HOBBS HOUSE BAKERY – BBQ and demo 12.30 onwards

Throughout the day...


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Chipping Sodbury Chamber logo

If you run a local business and would like to join Sodbury Chamber of Commerce, please get in touch with Chairs Rebekah Richardson and Kate Richardson.

Rebekah and Kate are based at Your Impact! and can be contacted on 01454 502351 or 07557 473366 or by email on: rebekah@yourimpact.co.uk or kate@yourimpact.co.uk

Or visit www.visitchippingsodbury.com

Photographs on this page are kindly supplied by RichMcD Photography.

Latest News

New Chairs for 2014

Kate Richardson and Rebekah Richardson have taken up position as new Chairs of The Chipping Sodbury Chamber of Commerce.

Kate Richardson and Rebekah Richardson

The new chairs who work within the community at Your Impact Ltd, a performance consultancy, have taken up the joint position with aims of ensuring the organisation work together to enhance the business community in Chipping Sodbury and create a network for mutual business to grow.

They believe by bringing the strength of all members and traders together they can help business in Chipping Sodbury to flourish.

Kate and Rebekah have said one of their goals is to promote goodwill, friendship and unity amongst the members and other traders within Chipping Sodbury and provide the businesses in the area with a common voice.

The chairs will be providing a representative body for the business sector, to promote, support or oppose any measures which may affect the business community.

“We are highly honoured to take up this position and will be building on Mark Lloyd’s outstanding achievements”.

About The Chamber

Purple Parrot - Rich McD

The key aims of the Chamber are:

  • to promote Chipping Sodbury as a place to visit
  • to promote the businesses located here
  • to play a significant role in the development and future prosperity of Chipping Sodbury
  • to work with the local authorities to ensure that the views of local businesses are considered in all matters affecting trade
  • to work together and share experiences and expertise

Benefits of Membership

The Chamber has been established to offer the business community in Chipping Sodbury a wide range of benefits including:

  • the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other local companies
  • the opportunity to ensure that the local authorities and government hear members' views.
  • the opportunity to engage in debates and discussions concerning current issues and future developments in the area
  • access to advice and information on key business issues both locally and nationally
  • access to new business opportunities including financial and legal support
  • a chance to raise the profile of each company involved and to promote the Town locally and nationally
  • help in growing a business by the provision of a range of cost effective services and local expertise

Chipping Sodbury in brief

The following article was written by Jim Wilkie, former organiser of Chipping Sodbury's Farmers Markets, in response to interest raised in Chipping Sodbury as a Market Town following the BBC's Turn Back Time series.

General View of Chipping Sodbury

Chipping Sodbury was created in the 13th Century as a purpose-built trading and Market town to replace the settlement at Old Sodbury, at which time the Market started for the sale of both produce and livestock.

This is represented today by a Farmers Market twice monthly and the occasional Produce Auction.

The majority of buildings are still locally owned or owner occupied, so have not been replaced by the boxes favoured by developers.

With a few exceptions the shops are locally owned and apart from Estate Agents and Banks are the only trading addresses for most businesses, so they are still committed to trading in the main business streets.

In some cases the family connections between businesses go back more than one generation. In other cases businesses have been built up by the efforts of the present proprietor over a number of years.

Just because premises are used for one trade today, it does not mean that all clues to previous trades have been removed. You may need to have them pointed out, but they are there for those willing to look.

Close to the main street are the sites of:

  • The Fire Station (now houses)
  • The Police Station (still operational) and Magistrates Court
  • The electricity company (now offices). What started as a water mill is still in use as a feed mill.
  • The former Doctor’s Surgery is still partly occupied by the last Doctor’s widow.
General View of Chipping Sodbury

Quarrying is still an important local industry. The Town Hall started life as a pillared Market hall and despite modernisation, hints of its past structure can be seen. The garages in the street may have gone but left clues.

One former Pub now forms an art gallery, after being the British Legion. Another pub became the Catholic Church.

A little way out of the Town much of the railway station survives although trains no longer stop there. Signs can still be found of the upheaval when the railway arrived much later than most. Murray Dowding took many photographs of the immediate area for sale through his chemists shop.

Chipping Sodbury has an active Historical Society and much of this has been researched by enthusiastic members.

Forthcoming events

Saturday 27th September 2014

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